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Published by Utica: Savage Arms Corporation, [no date]. Seller Rating:. One page, folded to make 4 sides 5. Laid in are a single page “Guarantee,” and two more pieces which seem to be torn from a larger sheet, one with a picture of a box of cartridges for the rifle, and another stamped “model 45, ” evidently torn from the envelope which held these papers. It states “This envelope contains. In only Fair condition, soiled and handled, and has creases from where it was folded twice. The pamphlet shows small black and white photos of the Model 40 Standard Grade and the Model 45 Special grade. Seller Inventory More information about this seller Contact this seller 1.

How do I tell the age of my savage rifle model 110 30-06?

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In this photo provided by Trent Procter, a Savage Arms stainless to bulging or split barrels dating to , attorney Steve Crowley said.

I recently read an article in Field and Stream and the article was ranking the 50 best guns ever made. I immediately skipped the introduction and went directly to the list. I have a real affection for the great Savage Model and later 99, and highly regard it as one of the jewels in the history of America firearms. To my surprise, the Savage 99 was ranked 35th. I was sure it would have at least made the top 5. In my humble opinion the great Model 99 should have ranked higher.

It was a great design that was truly ahead of its time when Arthur Savage developed it in the s. He designed the in hope of winning a contract with the war department. Although he did not, his design endured and the 99 went on to become a representation of its creator’s genius. For hunting North American game the Savage 99 is still one of the finest hunting rifles of all time. In fact, it was a solid performer well into the later part of the last century, nearly one hundred years after its creation.

It was manufactured for nearly a century with over a million rifles produced before the Savage 99 was discontinued due to decrepit machinery and increased cost. Before it was retired, it is purported that the company had plans to introduce the 99 with the capability to handle long action cartridges, such as the.

No.4 Mk1 Date and serial questions

Stevens and Savage Bolt Action Rifle. With the modern “Smart Phones” or video cameras, you may see many “Documentary Videos” by aspiring producer Joe Smutts who have recently bought one of these guns, try to do a documentary video about it and of course how accurate it is, but they have no clue as to anything other than what they have read by other “Joes”, much of which could also have been corrupted.

I have no problem with what they are trying to do, but please do their research first AND get it right. This writer is known for his excellent coverage of firearms, but the model he does pick here to illustrate this model appears to be a late E in Rem. In this article, I have tried to be as factual as possible, not only to help the gun owner, but to more positively identify these firearms for the unknowing modern poor gunsmith.

Over 1 million Model 99 Savage rifles have been produced in I. It is very helpful to experts when trying to date the year of a specific Model

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Dating Savage/Stevens rifles – Model 4,5,6 and 85,86,87 series and variants

Tell us the serial number You can X out the last couple of digits if you want , and we should be able to tell you the date if it’s more than 10 years old. Mine is a Savage E I have owned a savage model , serial number , for 40 years. Small stamp on barrel has 11j encircled. Can you advise what year it was made and approximate value?

Defendant: Liken Savage Group, LLC dba Black Rifle Real Estate Page Count: 0 | Document Number: 22 | Filing Date: July 13,

Comments characters remaining. Bids cannot be retracted using this feature. Please contact Proxibid to learn about retracting a bid. Unable to retrieve AutoCheck Summary Report, please try back later. AutoCheck found record s for this. Message: characters remaining. See Auction Information for full details. Description Terms of Sale Vehicle History. This item Does Require a Background Check. This gun and other high quality guns in this Auction are from a private collection and should be inspected in person to ultimately determine and confirm condition, value, type, grade, measurements, touch marks, and variations.

We are not Experts on some of these rarer guns, so we have given possible models that they may be, but we have gotten multiple emails of different opinions on other possibilities as well, so please only use our opinions as a guide, and do your own research to determine what model you believe each gun is.

Injured hunter takes Savage Arms to court over exploding rifle

Have you considered registering so you can participate in the discussions rather than just look on as a bystander? Why not? If so, use the Contact Us link at the bottom of any page and let us know and we’ll get you squared away! Serial number manufactured in These are rough numbers based on letters from the historian, there are a few guns mixed into the higher numbers with a manufacture date but few and far between.

Savage/Stevens, LC Smith, Smith & Wesson, Spanish Year of Mfg. Date Codes​, Sturm, Ruger & Co., Winchester Rifles, Winchester Rifle & Shotgun +.

Moderator Group: Moderator. Pages: 1 Send Topic Print. Is there any information available regarding use of serial numbers to help determine year of manufacture of Savage firearms. In my case I am thinking specifically of the modern Favorite copies.. And, I remember a few years ago seeing sellers at gun shows with little booklets for different gun companies that apparently had information on year of manufacture by the serial number. I have not seen anyone selling those little books.

Were the books of any use?

Savage Arms

They did, however, continue to be used at Bisley up into the s with some dating, and continue to perform extremely well at Military Service Rifle Competitions throughout the world. Many numbers still hunt with as-issued Lee? Enfield markings, with savage. The Lee?

Dating Savage Rifles by Serial Number Dec 10th, at pm. Print Post. Is there any information available regarding use of serial numbers to help.

Today, we sometimes see them in the used racks in gunshops across middle America. And we still see them in vintage hunting photos from the Adirondacks to the High Sierras. Chances are good that this lever action is a Savage In the s, Arthur W. His , and the ultimate Savage 99 threatened the established brands and were popular enough for the rifle to pass into legend.

Perhaps more importantly, Savage abandoned the tubular magazine of the day for the rotary magazine and later a detachable magazine under the bolt. From the start, this enabled the Savage design to handle more aerodynamic spitzer bullets. There are a couple more wrinkles. The Model 99 also has a cocking indicator just behind the rear of the bolt, raised when cocked and seated flush after firing.

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Savage Arms has produced a list of nearly customers who returned their stainless steel 10 ML-II muzzleloaders due to bulging or split barrels dating to , attorney Steve Crowley said. The company has also faced 45 legal claims from customers over similar issues, he said, including several who suffered injuries to their hands, faces and hearing when the barrel exploded upon firing. Crowley represents Ronald Hansen of Hampton, Iowa, who says he suffered permanent damage to his right hand and ear and facial burns when his rifle exploded in December Westfield, Massachusetts-based Savage Arms has insisted that the 10 ML-II, which was discontinued in after about 41, were produced, is not defective and is safe when used properly.

It has blamed the explosions on operator error, saying users likely loaded two bullets by mistake or the wrong type or amount of gunpowder. He asked U.

The patent date on the Savage pistol is November 21, , the date on which two patents, numbers , and. ,, were issued to Elbert Hamilton Searle.

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